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We are a game development studio based in Latvia, devoted to the creation of cheerful mobile games that breathe with the passion to our work. Being the gamers at heart, we strongly concentrate on friendly game design and hassle-free gaming experience - everything to see those pretty smiles of our players.

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Ketchapp Winter Sports

Three, two, one… Go! Slide, grind, jump and fly in exciting winter challenges!

Ketchapp Winter Sports is a fast-paced arcade game to compete with your friends and worldwide. Collect gems, unlock new gear and get tons of upgrades!


Grab your skis, ice skates the snowboard and face the ultimate challenge!

Beat the records, gain new ranks and become the champion of Ketchapp Winter Sports!





Fidget Spinner

Most relaxing spinner is here!

You have 5 swipes to set the best spin you can with your finger. Wait for it to stop and sweep the sweet rewards! Upgrade the fidget spinner, compete with your friends and beat the records!

Each spin brings you closer to unlocking a new fidget spinner.

Can you unlock them all?



Ketchapp Summer Sports

Dreaming of becoming a star of the Summer Sports? Well, now you can!
Ketchapp Summer Sports is a fun arcade game to compete with your friends and worldwide.

Collect coins to unlock new items. Improve your timing and reaction skills to perfect your results.

Are you up for the ultimate challenge? Beat the world records!





Pineapple Pen

Sometimes all you need is to stick a pen into a fruit.

Tap to throw the pen and try to hit an pineapple or an apple.

Hit the perfect center for two times in a row, and experience joy!

Challenge your friends to find out which one of you is the true master of the pen! PPAP !





Ketchapp Basketball

Swipe the ball towards the hoop to score.

There are 4 modes to compete with your friends and globally. Can you become Ketchapp Basketball star?

Collect stars to unlock new balls. Improve your skills and become the master of the hoop.




Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge official game is finally here!

Jump on your hoverboard and go on rolling and capturing the most exciting mannequins the world has ever seen!

Collect coins to unlock new character to play with! Beat your scores and become the first among your friends!


Viber River Jump

In the realm of River Jump it’s all about the river and, obviously, the jumping.
Therefore there was no surprise when the king announced that anyone who successfully jumps over the river 100 times without getting wet will become the new ruler of River Jump. Seems tough? Oh, no worries!

During the upcoming challenge, you will be properly motivated by two coach bears with rather harsh training methods, so you’ll get there in no time. Good luck!




Infinity Loop: Blueprints

Infinity Loop game is extremely simple, easy to learn puzzle game. Dive into relaxing world of immersive challenges!
Infinity Loops Blueprint is relaxing puzzle game in which you rotate pieces to render them into ∞ loop.
Discover infinite mysterious combinations and achieve perfect harmony. Craft your own zen garden mixing infinite loop symbols and blueprint style simplicity and fashion.


Hat Trick Shots

Swipe the hat to flip it and get it back on the head!

You can flip the hat once, perform a double-flip and even a triple-flip! Maybe your skills will get so incredible you could even do an epic hat trick penta-flip shot? It’s up to you!

Who ever could have thought how fun hat throw shots can be! Join the fun and become the master hat-trickster!





Infinity Loop Premium

Immerse yourself into the world of the infinite beauty.

The objective.
The game is all about rotating pieces properly, so that there would be no loose ends.

The content.
Entire content of the game consists from most exceptional fan-made puzzles, which were carefully selected by the developer team. This is why each and every puzzle will surprise you and bend your imagination in extraordinary ways. Animals, superheroes, real-life objects or beautiful abstracts – you can find it all here.



Ketchapp Football

Looking for an exciting soccer entertainment in your hands? Here is the Ketchapp Soccer game!
Swipe the ball to hit the targets and score.

There are 3 modes to challenge your friends. Beat the world leaderboards to become the Ketchapp Soccer star!

Collect the stars to unlock new balls, environments, nets and goalkeepers. Improve your skills and become the best Soccer Striker the world has ever seen!





Fun and addictive mobile version of 2048 game and most perfect 2048 number puzzle game for Android!
Explore deep challenge for your mind!
Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When a 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 … 1024 .. 2048


Sage Solitaire Poker

Sage Solitaire Poker is an addictive mashup of well-known mechanics of Solitaire and depth of Poker.

The game starts with 3×3 grid of card piles. Your goal is to clear the board of cards by making hands: pairs, straights, flushes – everything you know from Poker, and more! To get familiar with the rules of Sage Solitaire Poker, check out the in-game rules and screenshots.



Dot Fight

Dot Muncher Fight Club smooth and relaxing game based on osmosis principle.

Eat smaller dots to grow in size and became biggest blob in the game.
Smaller dots moves faster then big one, take advantage of it while growing in size.

Game action happens in agar galactic with simple osmos rules: “Eat smaller dots or became food for others”. Became biggest dot eater. It’s great game if you are fan of nebulous, mitosis genre games.




Yes or No

Looking for simple and fun trivia game, full of interesting facts?

Yes or No: Party Play is trivia like game, where you have answer either “Yes” or “No”. The game is filled with hundreds various questions of 8 different topics: animals, science, sports, geography, technology, people, mathematics and other random facts, all presenting you with many unknown and interesting facts of our immense, exciting world!



Move The Stone

Looking for challenging brain teaser game?
“Move The Stone” is carefully crafted puzzle game, offering hours of mind-twisting challenges!

– Easy to learn;
– Lots of unique game elements, that will test your wits to the limits;
– Hint option, available to help you when feeling confused;
– Neat visuals, accompanied with captivating tunes.

From creators of Game about Squares & Dots: “Move The Stone” takes best part of challenge! More polished, more features, more levels – everything you loved in game is now present here and even more!




Digital Wars Battle

Digital Wars is a simple puzzle game, strongly oriented on multiplayer experience. Although the game is easy to learn, it lets you to flex your mind to the limits. Especially that of your opponent.
The rules of the game are following:
– Two players go in turns
– Add your score by picking a number in highlighted row (or a column)
– Opponent picks a next number of last number’s column (or a row)
– Game ends when a player is unable to pick a number: there is no number is a row (or a column)
– Whoever has higher score at the end, wins



Swipe Bo

Fresh and cute moving boxes brainteaser with colorful graphics and intuitive game-play! Game starts simply and progress to levels that requires your brain power.

Move Bo to the exit [portal] by sliding your finger in the desired direction. Unlock Game center achievements by passing level with less movements count.

Swipe Bo game features over 10 unique environments objects which make game even more fun.



Swipe Bo Xmas

Play and challenge your logical thinking! Get all candies to open Xmas portal and move on next level. Fresh and cute puzzle with eye-catching graphics and intuitive game-play.

Game starts simply and progress to levels that requires your brain power. During the game you became introduced with new elements, which make game more and more challenging and entertaining.

In X-mas version we have added new element: “Magic snowflake”. It give you freedom to freeze and destroy game objects on your own.




Heartbreak: Valentine’s Day

Break the hearts, load the power meter and send the love to your friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heartbreak is a crazy arcade game where you just do not love the hearts very much.

Collect the coins, pick your favorite arrows and do not stop shooting!

Just remember, the correct timing is the key!

Appreciate people that surround you, send your love to your friends, colleagues and significant others!